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By: Fabian Derossi Garcia
For: Melly & Isabel

Target Market
age 15-54


85.4 million

15-24 21%
25-54 39.45%

94% of 16-25 year olds use Facebook

Time Spent on social media per week
Women: 9 hours

Companies are stealing social media influencers followers for virtually free by giving them a discount code or one time payment and getting them to send all their followers to the company.

The social media influencer profits from this transaction ONCE
Then the company takes their followers information, email, address etc.
And can market to them for the rest of their life.


Model the Kardashian type Super group 

Create and Sell a cosmetic line + trainings.
No Company has done this. 

1. Get everyone on a subscription $7 to all access trainings from any member.
2. Sell them cosmetics on subscription
3. Keep all the followers (leads) internal for re-marketing


The two of us met one day and were talking fasion. 
We quickly realized that we spent most of the time asking each other
about which products we each used, this brand, that brand, what type of techniques
 we were using at the moment etc..

We kept saying that we wish we had the PERFECT products
 for our kinds of look and with our goals in mind. 

products that would replace all the other ones from companies
we really know nothing about and don’t help our country. 

With so many cospetic companies out there selling products,
 we were exhausted trying new ones all the time, waiting 
to figure out if they worked…
or if they were just low quality and wasting our time. 

If we are giving ourselves 110%…
we want the products to give us 110% back…

And that just wasn’t happening. 

 So…we came together and thought about what were the exact
 high quality ingredients we need to make us look exactly we want them. 

 We consulted with chemists and engineers…

And worked with them endlessly testing different combinations, different ingredients…

To finally create products that each of us has given a 100% approval to…

And matches ALL of our needs and wants, 

And has helped us get closer to our goals than anything else we’ve EVER taken. 

So we’d like to introduce you to…

Isamell Cosmetics


14 day free trial then monthly subscription. 

What you get:
1. Access to ALL the trainings. 
2. Meet us at our next events FREE
3. Access to the inner circle 

Additional $3/mo if you want the daily newsletter with trainings, tips and tricks for fashion and makeup.

2.7 million potential female customers should immediately result in.

Basic $7 Memberships
1% conversion from women.

Market reach 2.7 million

1% conversion for women: 27,000 x $7 = $189,000/month

2% conversion: 54,000 = $378,000/month

Daily fashion tips +$3/month

10% of people add the fitness tips: 2,700 x $3 = $8,100/month


Company launch promo
Facebook Ad campaigns
Email list building 
Team promo videos
Affiliate networks
Viral marketing campaigns