What Is Healthy Life

We have already agreed that our health is our most important asset. But when I travel and I ask folks what does it mean to be healthy. The most common response that I get is, “Hey I feel good”, or “I look good”, or “I don’t have any symptoms”.

I want to ask us this. We have already agreed that our health is our most important asset. Is it safe for us to really base our health off of “how we feel?”. And the answer is, “How many of us know people that have had heart disease?” or “Had cancer or diabetes which, by the way, five out of six Americans in the United States are dying from everyday?”

Just like Einstein said, if we continue to do what we have always done, we’re always going to get we’ve always gotten. Basing our health off of how we feel is ridiculous. You know you may feel fine, but be walking and running and dropped out of a heart attack at the age of 50. That is not okay. If you look in the dictionary, it says right there in a medical dictionary, the definition of health is not just the absence of symptoms. It’s actually 100 percent function. Function of all the cells, all the organs and all the nerves in the body working perfectly. It’s actually a function of your physical chemical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

If we have a headache and we’re taking a Tylenol or if we have a stomachache and we’re taking a tums or any symptom, we have and we’re taking a drug to mask it, it’s mean we’re not healthy, we’re sick. We need to admit that. We need to get to the cause of the problem. If we can find the cause of your problem and get the function restored in our body a lot of times, those sicknesses and diseases will go away. Because we’ll become healthier.

So, if we base our health off of the definition of it’s a hundred percent function, and you’re reading this articles you’re in luck because you’re getting adjusted regularly. You’re getting your children adjusted regularly. The number one thing that controls the function in the body is the brain.

Nutrition is great exercise, is great positive attitude, prayer, love life, all those things are so important, vital aspects of health. But, if our brain isn’t working like it’s supposed to the function of, our body doesn’t work. That’s why we start with the function first, and every time you get adjusted, what the adjustment does is it, reduces the interference of our spine and our nervous system allowing for proper function of all our cells of all our organs. That’s why when people get adjusted regularly, they say “Man, not only do I feel better but I emotionally feel better, I look younger”, and that is a side effect of getting healthy.

Every time you’re driving to the office, what you’re doing is you’re not driving just to get an adjustment. You’re going to get your function improve to remove the interference from your body and the body of your children. So, if you really want to leave a legacy, leave a legacy of health. Because you can lose your car, you can lose your job, you can lose your stuff. But, if you lose your health, you can not get it all back.

So, I want to encourage each and every one of you to keep your visits stay regular. Get your adjustments as a part of your lifestyle. Just like brushing your hair, or brushing your teeth. It’s hygiene, the most important aspect of your day is getting your proper chiropractic adjustments.

I’m going to encourage you also to share this with your friends your family your loved ones. Because people need to hear this message folks because together we can change this community.